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1st September 2016

St. John’s College, Oxford

Literaturkritik nach 1700. Praktiken literaturkritischen Schreibens im 18. Jahrhundert

Humboldt Foundation workshop on the birth of literary criticism.

13th June 2016

University of Edinburgh

Anglo-German Encounters with Drama and Poetry, 1760-1835

Conference Paper: British ghosts of the German gothic novel. Dramatic adaptation as a medium of Anglo-German cultural transfer in the 1790s

15th February 2016

St John’s College, Oxford

Year 12 German Study Day: Literature and Science

We hosted 30 Year 12 students of German – despite them being on half-term holidays – for a themed study day thinking about how their experiences of studying a language can help us think and understand the sciences better, and vice versa. You can see the programme and check out the texts we used here:

Thanks to everyone for such a great day of reading and talking about literature – that’s what Knowledge Exchange should be about!

29th January 2016

St John’s College, Oxford

Workshop on the birth of Literary Criticism in the German Enlightenment. I will be giving a talk on the use of pharmacy as metaphorical figure in English and German literary criticism.

19th January 2016

Lunchtime Seminar, Science Museum London

Pharmacy as Laboratory of Modernity. A Knowledge Exchange Fellowship

26th November 2015

Knowledge Exchange Showcase Event, Ertegun House Oxford

Watch a video of this short talk with Dr. Oisín Wall of the Science Museum here:

Watch an interview about the project here: